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Cooper & Gorfer
Cooper & Gorfer


Fotokonst med Hasselblad kamera

Sarah Cooper (b.1974, US) and Nina Gorfer (b.1979, Austria) have been collaborating since 2006 and work between Gothenburg, Sweden and Berlin, Germany.

The artists’ exhibition The Weather Diaries is currently on display at the Nuuk Art Museum, Greenland and then travels to Latvian Museum of Art, Lithuania Museum of Art and Landesgalerie Linz, Austria (2019) and Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (2020).

Selected recent exhibitions include Interruptions and The Weather Diaries, Rosphoto, St Petersburg, Russia (2018); Interruptions, Árran, Lulesamisk Senter, Drag, Norway (2018); A Queen Within, NOMA New Orleans Museum of Art, USA (2018); I Know Not These My Hands/Interruptions, Strandverket Konsthall, Marstrand, Sweden (2018); The Weather Diaries, American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis, USA (2017); I Know Not These My Hands, Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden (2017); The Weather Diaries, Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, USA, Danish Cultural Center, Beijing, China (2016); The Weather Diaries, National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen, Denmark (2014).

In 2018, Cooper & Gorfer were the winners of the prestigious German Photo Book award for their monograph I Know Not These My Hands.


Färgstarka skulpturer

“Alvarez’s practice oscillates between expression and constraint, technological innovation and traditional craftsmanship. His work is at once futuristic and atavistic.”

/ Daniel Penny, The New Yorker, May 2017

For the past four years, Alvarez has been exploring each of these processes in parallel. His Thread Wrapping Machine binds together disparate materials with string, glue, and paint, producing a dazzling array of functional and sculptural works that emphasize Alvarez’s role as artist and designer; it is his hands and his body that manipulate the pieces as his machine wraps them in thread. Yet, in his extruded ceramic works, Alvarez has also sought to distance himself from his creations by relying on predetermined shapes and by passing the controls of his machine to others. His wooden assemblages seem to forsake the human altogether, instead relying upon mathematical relationships to create highly complex geometric forms reminiscent of Jenga towers built by a


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